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1. We are committed to being your one-stop resource for all of your online marketing needs.

2. Maintaining excellent relationships with our clients is our top priority. To achieve this, we believe transparency is key and pledge to share goals, achievements, failures and analysis with you on a daily and weekly basis.

3. We’re passionate about discovering and testing new ideas and technologies. Working with AIM means you benefit from direct access to the latest, cutting edge technologies and techniques.

4. Our expertise is guaranteed. With decades of combined marketing experience, you have direct access to real marketing experts who will both direct your account strategy, and maintain day-to-day, hands-on access to your campaigns.

5. We afford you business continuity – regardless of your staff turnover. Our dedicated team is distributed around the world, so regardless of your timezone, we’ll always be on hand. And we promise that should you ever want to, we’ll help you transition your campaigns back to your in-house team. No fuss. No mess.

We are on a mission to achieve sustainable, long term growth for your business.

Brian York

Managing Director

Expertise: Paid and organic search marketing
Brian has 16 years of experience generating millions of leads and hundreds of millions of dollars for Agora direct response publishers all over the world.

Grant Perry

Marketing Director

Expertise: Social media marketing
Grant has more than a decade of online marketing experience, specializing in search and social media marketing. He is credited with bringing Facebook advertising to Agora.

Natalie Eagling

Account Director

Expertise: Campaign management
Natalie helps Agora businesses meticulously plan and analyze campaigns. She is constantly finding new strategies, marketing hacks, and channels for clients to test.

Brian Swift

Account Manager

Expertise: Native advertising
Brian has helped Agora businesses understand and leverage the power of native advertising, helping them achieve business goals and scale through previously untested channels.

Colm O’Sullivan

SEO Specialist

Expertise: SEO
Colm has quickly become a leading expert in creating SEO strategies for direct response businesses. He also helps Agora businesses create mobile marketing and email marketing strategies.

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